Southern Polyurethanes 2K High Build Primer


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4 parts High Build Primer to 1 part High Build Primer Activator.
High Build Primer can be reduced with our 870, 885 or 895 reducers or 0 VOC reducers in compliant areas if less millage is desired. This product should be reduced no more than 25% for best results. CAUTION! Due to the thickness of this primer it is very important that you completely mix the activator in with the primer. MIX ONE FULL MINUTE! Pot Life: Short! Pot life will vary from 30 to 45 minutes depending on air and metal temperature, humidity and the amount of product in the cup. The more product, the shorter the pot life!
Spraying: Always coat bare metal with epoxy first. Mix only what you need! See pot life first! Spray one wet coat and let it flash 5 minutes then apply a second coat. You can apply as many coats as you like but it is very important that each coat flashes before applying additional coats. Filling: This primer depending on the spray gun, will spray at 2-2.5 mills per coat.
Sanding: Depending on how High Build Primer is applied you should be able to sand this product in 30-60 minutes. Keep in mind this time changes with temperature. 2K High Build Primer sands good but to make it easier shoot your coats to be blocked non-reduced and reduce your final coat 10-15% for less build and less final blocking. If sanded primer has set more than 24 hrs, you must scuff first with a red scuff pad or equivalent before applying another product.
Summer Heat: In the summer heat, it will not hurt to add 2-4oz of 925 Retarder per mixed quart of primer to avoid potential pinholes or dry spraying. Winter: Add 2-4 oz per quart of 900-4 for cold shop conditions


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