Black Single Stage, Southern Polyurethanes



Mixing: 4:1 with any of the following activators: 2102-4 Medium 2103-4 Slow 2104-4 Very Slow

Paint gun tip: 1.4

Description: A premium single stage paint that is easy to spray and will wet sand and buff very well the next day after spraying (only if needed).

This single stage has very good chemical resistance and stone chip resistance.

Preparation: Use normal preparations for paint and when ready to spray clean the vehicle with wax and grease remover 700 or 710, then let the vehicle sit for 45 minutes before applying the single stage paint.

Application: With properly adjusted gun spray one wet coat. When finished check time and wait exactly 30 minutes before spraying second coat, same with the third coat if needed.

The last coat of color can be integrated with any SPI pre-activated clear mixed with pre-activated single stage at any ratio, although the most common is 50/50.

This single stage can also be clear coated after sitting overnight with any SPI clear; if done within 24 hours simply tack it and shoot it.

Buffing: Next day wet sand, put the vehicle in sun/daylight for about 4 hours, pull it inside and when the vehicle cools buff as usual.


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